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CrossFit Harjun viikon 24 treenit

Treenit Jyväskylän Seppälässä osoitteessa Ahjokatu 12. Aika rikkoa ennätyksiä!

Maanantai 13.6.

Front Squats:


1x5@65% 1x4@75% 2x4@80%


In Teams of 3

Share the reps/cals as you like.

T:C 20min

100 x Wall Ball 750m Row 80x Wall Ball 1000m Row 60x Wall Ball 1250m Row

Tiistai 14.6.

BMU Progression Week 2

EMOM 6min 30sec Practice on movement of your choice

  1. Banded Stick Lat Pull Down

  2. High Kip Swing (high hips) with with active Shoulders or High knees with active shoulders

  3. Floor Muscle Up

  4. Box Jump Muscle up

  5. Banded BMU

EMOM 20min

  1. DU x40 / 60 x Singles

  2. T2B / V-UP

  3. Prisoner Pistol squat to target

  4. Strict HSPU / Box Push / Pike Press 30sec

  5. Rest

Torstai 16.6.


Back squat 1rm

- Go heavy

Perjantai 17.6.


3-4 Warm up sets then...


5x6 @ 75%


( in remaining time)

1x Power Snatch + 1x OHS

Go with feel, do not get distracted with weight! the idea is to focus on speed and perfect repetitions.

Lauantai 18.6.

Treenit Harjun Treenikontilla osoitteessa Yliopistonkatu 1.

‘Teams of 3’

0-8 min Individual Hill Run Relay (250m)

Remaining time 2 work 1 rest on max reps synchro Burpees


2x2 Person Hill Run (250m) Remaining Time 1 Person work 2 rest for max reps of Barbell Thrusters 20kg


3x3 Person Hill Run (250m) Remaining time Plate STOH 20/15kg

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