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CrossFit Harjun viikon 22 treenit

Treenit Jyväskylän Seppälässä osoitteessa Ahjokatu 12. Lauantain WOD treenikontilla osoitteessa Yliopistonkatu 1.

Maanantai 30.5.

Front squat 1rm + 3x10 @50%

Tiistai 31.5.

BMU Progression Week 1

EMOM 6min 30sec Practice on movement of your choice

  1. Banded Stick Lat Pull Down

  2. High Kip Swing (high hips) with with active Shoulders or High knees with active shoulders

  3. Floor Muscle Up

  4. Box Jump Muscle up


AMRAP 10min 1..1..1..2..2..2...ect

  • OHS 40/30

  • Burpee Over Bar

  • Pull Up

  • Start with 1 rep then add a single rep after completing each round

Torstai 2.6.


Back Squats:






EMOM until failure

  1. 10 cal Row 2 10 Wall Balls 3.10 Burpees

*Add 1 rep to every round until failure

Perjantai 3.6.


3-4 Warm up sets then...


5x10 @ 60-65%


Partner WOD

  • One athlete Rows 250m While the second Athlete Performs maximum repetitions of the following movements. (1 max attempt each then change movement)

Change after every 250m Row

Two Rounds of ... - Ab Mat Sit Up - Barbell Thruster 20/15 - Barbell Bicep Curl (use db if needed) - Kb/Db Deadlift (Heavy)

Score is total reps + Total Row Meters

Lauantai 4.6.

Buy in: 1.6KM Partner Run

Then complete.. 1 work 1 rest 100x Air Squat 80x Push Up 60x V-up (Alternating reps) 40x KB STOH or Barbell 40/30 20x Burpees

Buy Out:

1.6km Run

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